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  • Are your rates negotiable?
    My rates are already quite competitive and fair. I am worth every penny. Upon meeting you will think so as well, so let's not squabble over a few dollars.

  • Can we meet for dinner or drinks before I schedule an appointment?
    Unfortunately the answer is no. Before I decide to see you in a social setting I like to be sure we have had at least one meeting in private to establish chemistry and comfort levels. That being said I frequently have dinner, drinks or outings with those clients whom I have a close relationship with.

  • Do you do (fill in the blank)?
    I won't discuss the specifics of sexual acts or go into great detail. This is to prevent certain gentlemen from mistaking me for a phone sex operator ;) I will however gladly answer questions about services, likes, dislikes and special interests.

  • I notice that on your first page you are looking for trades people, what does this mean and how does this work?
    In my day to day life I find the need for certain skilled services. If you happen to be in the position that you can offer one of the services I'm looking for, we can exchange services. Time we spend together in exchange for your expertise. An example would be if you were in the flooring world, I happen to need hardwood floors installed. Instead of me paying full price with a company I find online, you install my floors and we agree on a number of times you visit me until we both feel a fair target has been achieved. Sometimes this varies, but you get the idea. Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or call me with your pitch. This is a win - win scenario.

  • P.S. More on Bartering
    It is a difficult scenario to perfect, but what I have found that works best is the following. You and I agree on an item or service for barter. We then agree on a number of hours that this would be worth. Now the next step can happen 1 OF 2 ways. 1- You bring with you the product and we do an even trade. 2- You bring my going rate, pay me in full and when you provide me with the item or service I at that time return to you the exact amount you had just paid me. If the item or service is expensive then you can pay me in cash until we reach the agreed upon amount and then the final visit you bring the item, or finish the service and I return you the total you have given to me. Any other questions, please just ask.

  • Can we go to dinner and a movie what about overnight?
    YES! I love those nights when a gentleman requests my company for fun in and outside of the house! My rates for such an evening are fair and affordable. Naturally I reduce the amount because multiple hours are needed for a date night! Overnights are great and I love them aswell. Of course if its a night or a weekend, the rate also reflects the fact we are to be together for a long while.

2019   BBW Toronto
2019 BBW Toronto

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